Monday, June 26, 2017

Why Is Deforestation Allowed?

The practice of deforestation is obviously a contentious one, with no small number of people furious that it is allowed to happen. Yet, it is allowed to happen nonetheless and this happens despite the controversy and the anger that it provokes. The big question is “why?”. And the answer is not that difficult to find. […]

What Do We Lose With Deforestation?

We know, if we have been paying attention, that our planet has a wealth of natural resources that can be beneficial in many ways. What is less well-known is the extent to which this is the case. For example, the rainforest gives us 25% of the pharmaceutical products sold in the West. This sounds like […]

Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

The fable of the goose that laid the golden eggs is one that is often quoted when it comes to financial matters. If you have a resource that keeps on giving, then by taking care of it you will always have something to rely on. If you sell that thing for a lump sum, or […]

The Financial Truth About Deforestation

Anyone raising concerns about deforestation is likely to find that people will try and shout them down with claims about “standing in the way of progress” and “not living in the real world” financially. But it is a little known fact that by keeping a thriving rainforest rather than taking what you can get from […]